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Certificate Practices

HARICA Certification Authorities, comply with "HARICA Certificate Practice Statement".

All participating parties, have agreed and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the operation of the HARICA Public Key Infrastructure. This document must be signed by any institution that wishes to participate to HARICA PKI. This MoU can be downloaded from the following links:

All interested institutions must also complete and send at the e-mail address: or via FAX at 2310-999100 the following application form:

The following links contain Certificate Practice Statement and Certification Policy documents of the HARICA Public Key Infrastructure.

PKI Disclosure Statement

In addition to the Certificate Practice Statement and Certification Policy documents, a summary of policies and practices, also known as "PKI Disclosure Statement" is publicly available.

Subscriber Agreement and Terms of Use

All Subscribers of Trust Services provided by HARICA, unconditionally agree the Terms of Use and are bound by a Subscriber Agreement.

Data Privacy Statement

pecific information about the Data Privacy Policy of HARICA is available in the following document:

Certificate Policies for subCAs with more specific policy

The Certification Authority of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki complies with the "Certification Policy of AUTH Central Certification Authority".

Certification Policies of Certification Authorities not mentioned at this document are at least as strict and binding as the Certification Policy of the "HARICA Root Certification Authority".

HARICA Accepted Incorporating/Registration Agencies

List of HARICA accepted Incorporating/Registration Agencies for Private Organizations and Business Entities per section 11.1.3 of the CA/Browser Forum EV Guidelines